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CRAFT Poster


 CRAFT Poster-Lift The Label

The CRAFT Poster – Lift The Label encapsulates a revolutionary approach to mending relationships impacted by addiction. This poster introduces the Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) method, designed to empower families and friends to facilitate their loved ones’ recovery journeys. What sets this poster apart is its dynamic “Lift The Label” feature, transforming it into a gateway of interactive learning.

Through lifting designated flaps, viewers embark on a journey of discovery. Each revealed section imparts insights, mirroring the gradual unfolding of understanding and healing that the CRAFT approach aims to foster. This interactive element transcends passive engagement, encouraging viewers to participate actively in their learning process.

Concise yet impactful, the poster equips families and friends with actionable strategies for effective support. Its design places users at the center, acknowledging the significance of accessible information during challenging times.

The “CRAFT Poster – Lift The Label” showcases the potential of innovative educational tools. It bridges the gap between content and audience, providing an engaging platform for comprehending the nuances of the CRAFT method. The “Lift The Label” concept parallels the step-by-step transformation that relationships undergo during the recovery process, underlining the power of connection and empathy.