Recovery Cards Project was created by Lift The Label to help highlight the importance of recovery and remove stigma. Greeting cards are a time-tested, thoughtful gesture for letting someone know you’re thinking about them, yet we found few greeting cards that support someone’s recovery from addiction. We wanted to change that.

We started offering a collection of beautifully designed, heartfelt cards specifically tailored to support individuals in their journey towards recovery. Each card is carefully crafted with messages of encouragement, hope, and resilience, providing a tangible reminder that they are not alone in their struggles.

Recovery Cards Project launched in September 2019, offering cards with messages of encouragement, compassion and gratitude to celebrate recovery. Cards can be ordered for free at The project was an immediate success, with 6,600 cards ordered online within the first 48 hours. Nearly 10,000 cards were ordered within the first week of launch and have since been sent to people in all 50 states. To date, over 60,000 free cards have been ordered.

greeting card that says "Be Kind to Yourself"

“If I had received a card like one of these when I was struggling and trying to get sober, it could have been the difference between me getting sober and staying sick.”

Chris, Lakewood, CO


Recovery Cards Project lives on more than just our website! Recovery Cards Project kits are available to Colorado agencies that provide services to people who might be struggling with a substance use disorder and their families. Please fill out this form to request a kit. 

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