Lift The Label Campaign Toolkit

The toolkit includes social posts fighting the stigma of addiction and encouraging treatment, as well as additional fact sheets on how to support loved ones struggling with OUD, info on medication to treat opioid use disorder, and resources for treatment.

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In addition to these social media elements, the toolkit also offers a host of supplementary materials that provide an expanded understanding of the challenges and solutions associated with OUD. For instance, there are detailed fact sheets available that provide actionable advice on how to offer emotional and practical support to loved ones who are struggling with opioid use. These sheets are thoughtfully designed, giving friends and family the tools they need to navigate the often complex dynamics that OUD can introduce into relationships.

Furthermore, the toolkit doesn’t just stop at offering emotional and informational support; it also delves into the medical aspects of treating OUD. It includes valuable resources that detail the different medications available for treating opioid use disorder, explaining how they work, their effectiveness, and how they can be integrated into a holistic approach to recovery. 

But that’s not all. To make the path to treatment as straightforward as possible, the toolkit also provides a curated list of treatment resources. Whether you’re a patient, a caregiver, or a medical professional, these resources offer a starting point for those seeking options for medical care, counseling services, or specialized addiction treatment programs. 

All in all, this toolkit serves as a multifaceted guide, covering everything from fighting stigma to seeking medication and other forms of treatment. Its comprehensive approach aims to equip people with the information and resources they need to tackle OUD effectively. If you have questions please contact us.