RecognizeThe Signs

Addiction is not always obvious; many who are struggling with addiction, also known as substance use disorder, hide it and can remain highly functional in their work and home life. Recognizing the signs and symptoms can be critical to helping someone get the treatment they need.

Support is one of the most powerful forces on the road to recovery. From encouragement and emotional support, to offering a ride to treatment, to sharing knowledge, there are many ways you can help someone struggling with addiction.

Support ALoved One

medicationS toTreat Addiction

Medications are safe and are the most effective treatment for opioid use disorder.

Hope for Recovery

Through the stories of Dr. Lesley Brooks and Corinthiah, this video offers a view of the life-saving, beautiful parts of the recovery journey, while acknowledging the impact and influence that trauma has on a person’s experience with addiction. Their stories highlight the importance of loving and supporting those struggling with substance use disorder and understanding how one’s life experiences play a part in a person’s recovery journey.


Recovery Cards Project is a collaboration between the Lift The Label campaign, people in recovery, and artists across Colorado and nationwide. Together, we’ve created free greeting cards that celebrate recovery, provide encouragement to those who need it and express gratitude to those who support others in their recovery.